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This course is for you if:

  • You are ready for the One and only Love Affair that is always reliable, cannot be lost, doesn't change, and does not come and go.
  • You are ready to know your Self intimately As Life itSelf taking form within every little bit of Humanness and view the world and all that appears from Here.
  • You are genuinely interested to look at the patterns and mechanisms that play out through personality and old wounding, creating behaviours that block this flow of love and keep you stuck in a repetitive program.
  • You would like to deepen the experience of daily living in true connectedness with all of Life, through the doorway of whatever presents itself in each moment.
  • You are ready for The beloved to be revealed ever more deeply.

Some of the topics covered in a deep and direct way are:

  • Rejection Dynamics
  • Triggers
  • Relationships
  • Natural Happiness
  • Cutting Attachment to Suffering
  • Relationship to Food
  • Meeting directly with no separation
  • Conflict
  • Self Identity
  • Child Wounding
  • Re-parenting
  • Growing Space for Self Holding
  • Self Love

Course Summary

In this beautiful 8 week course you are taken on a deeply rich journey of Self dis-covery to reveal and confirm what is already inherently yours at the core of Who you really Are.

Ananta guides a group of beings through weekly meetings online as they move together through this journey in a deeply intimate setting, all the while being in the comfort of their own space.

As a live course, each meeting would begin with chosen music for juicy or ecstatic dancing, freeing the body and opening before the sitting meditation. You too can warm yourself up with some of your favourite tracks and get in the mood.

Following the dance, each module then begins with a guided deep dive into the depths of Being, resting at Source and tasting the direct experience of no separate self, this can be felt as a unified field of our Pure Essence, while words continue to flow and transmit the fragrance leading one into ever deeper silence.

Ananta presents this course out of her own way of living that has come naturally as a by-product of ever deepening Self Realisation.

Over the course of 8 modules she presents all that could stand in the way of being in ‘A Love affair with Life’ sharing parts of her own life experiences that have led to deeper realising and surrender, therefore revealing the Love affair that only deepens and does not come and go.

Ananta leads us through direct Self Inquiry and Self Investigation. This course includes home work as well as shadow work that can be done in pairs or alone, an addition found to be of high value by all participants, creating shifts in consciousness through clear seeing, transforming and healing.

In all sessions Ananta holds a deep space of Presence and Awareness that can be felt as a potent vibrational field of Love to everyone truly available, in which all interactions lead to more clarity and a deepening of recognition

All participants have generously agreed to allow the unedited material within this course, including all the juicy interactions, to be made available as a self-study product that may serve those who are ready to do the work and have the opportunity to realise ever deeper levels of Being ‘In a Love affair with and As Life itself’.

What is included?

  • Over 14 hours of Audio files for 8 meetings with Ananta with Meditations and Q&A. 

  • Unedited video files for the 8 Live meetings.

  • A detailed guide outlining each of the 8 modules/meetings.

  • Detailed, guided instructions for Home work (can be done solo or with a partner). This is intended to bring awareness into the places where you get triggered the most, in day-to-day experience due to relating to so called “another person” as also within our own psyche.

  • The option to join a private FB group offering a supportive and committed field. In the group, there will be the opportunity to share and receive reflections from Ananta and other participants. 

  • BONUS 1 - 

  • BONUS 2 - 

Some takeaways that Lovers of Life have shared after the course...

❝ Getting involved in a “love affair with life” for eight weeks with Ananta helped me to bring to light the deeply hidden obstacles of an early trauma from the depths of the unconscious. 
Both pair work and the personal meetings with Ananta turned out to be in-depth experiences in self-exploration. Feelings of inferiority, insecurity, self-doubt, fear ... which we like to hide from ourselves behind a facade... were allowed to simply be, were welcomed with love. 
To experience this acceptance, the self-evident acceptance and also justification, helped that repressed experience in early childhood can be revealed. These experiences open up a relaxation in one’s own energy system that leads to healing. 

     Ananta has this wonderful gift of taboo acceptance, lives it authentically and creates a humorous and loving atmosphere in the meetings that encourages you to open up courageously to your own life, everything is welcome, may be and show itself.  Inferiority, shame and guilt also found their way into the light. 

In this context, I found self-exploration with a partner to be particularly supportive. For this purpose, Ananta asked five questions every week about a certain aspect of our own life. This self-exploration took place in a fixed setting and made it possible to unmask resistance, to discover the unknown, to open up more access to oneself in order to develop joy and love there too. 

These eight weeks, without all the holy bells and whistles that one often encounters in the spiritual scene, were profound, healing and liberating. 

     If you really want to get to know each other and get rid of all ballast, Ananta is a competent, experienced, spiritual “guide” with a clear view and a big heart to which nothing is alien. ~ Karen, U.S. ❞

❝ My motivation for this course was: making more and more and more space for nothing/everything as the conscious root tone in my life. I felt it needed more focused dedication, at this point in the unfolding in my life. And that works. 
I love that I feel invited to spend steady hours during the week for the meeting and the pair work, and that the theme of that week draws my attention to a certain aspect of life. When we started with the pair work I felt some resistance because I felt as if I started in a therapy group, and I thought: I can spend so much time on this stuff, but how does it relate to more consciousness on who I actually am? But I postponed my judgement and decided to go with the flow and really discovered the value of the pair work. I must say it is very nice to work with Michael! 
We work quite disciplined, light, with attention and without chitchatting and I really like that. 
     What I learn from this home work is a very structured way of looking what touches me and in that I make more space for any experience. I am not unfamiliar with this way of looking at what goes on in my life, but this home work gives it a very simple structure to unravel and let experiences move through.

     In the weekly meetings I love the meditations! The dropping into nothingness is so fundamental and a lot of the words you use simply make me sigh and relax in a deep way. 

And in the work with what we bring up as a group I see how you relate to various input to what is somewhere in your own system and in a light way give some clarity back to the person who is bringing something up. I really like that and also see how I listen from that same perspective to Michael and feel how that broadens my scope.

     Anyhow, I said it is leaving its marks, haha and this is what I see in my daily life: 

I take more time for meditation in the morning, I will never eat the way I did before, I naturally starting doing more yoga practice, I had quite a fight with my best friend and moved through that while staying in connection, I feel more connected to our dog, I am more aware of what I truly need, I grew more aware of this re-parenting thing, I can more easily be aware of the nothingness, the urge of being on this path of unfolding is naturally growing, I feel even more space to let my three daughters be in whatever position with whatever difficulties in their life…. so…. I am happy to be in this Love affair with life and just wanted to say thank you for creating this space and taking the lead.

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A Comprehensive 8 week Enlightening Study Course with Ananta Kranti ~ Audio + Video + PDF's + BONUSES

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