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The True Meeting of Shiva/Shakti ~ Weekend Intensive Audio Recording

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This is a Tantric Vision based in Non-Duality, or visa versa...

Meaning an all inclusive expression of Non Dual Realisation that addresses every little aspect of life as Godliness itSelf, or Consciousness itSelf, whatever words we like to use to point ...

The True Meeting of the Divine Masculine and Feminine Princles

The Divine Masculine Principle.

Pure Absolute Awareness, the ground of Being. Eternal Truth.

Clear unwavering Direction

At the core of You Right Now, is That which never comes and never goes, doesn't age, never hurt, never dies and Always Free.

The Feminine Principle.

Shakti the Life force, Pure unconditioned energy that flows with as an overflow power and rises up out of the Absolute running through all things manifesting in the world of appearance.

She moves through you as a pure life force, flowing as rivers, oceans and waves, Shining as Radiant light, pure creation and creative expression manifesting the play of the surface of life.

Do you embody a strong ground of Presence in your lived experience that allows Shakti the life force to flow through ... to be fully met in Free Awareness in all her forms?

How is the relativity between these primordial energies in your experience?

Do you easily 'lose Presence' when your emotional world takes over?

In this 2 day Intensive, we will sink deeply into Absolute Silence, Stillness, and Nothingness and wait for Her to arise and shower Her beauty...

And the lovemaking of Existence begins.

This is an all-inclusive dance between the Absolute and Relative aspects of Consciousness, inner and outer without separation.

From this point of True connection, we will look at all levels and layers of experience leaving nothing out, with the inclusion of every little bit of daily life we will see through and bring updates to outdated ways of seeing living and behaving that embody our True connection within and in the outer world with no separation.

This Weekend Intensive invites you to sink deeply and create space for reflection, clarity and the Joy of Being.

We will dive deep into everything that stands in the way of True inner connection.

We shall dance our way through the joy and the pain and celebrate this life that we Are!

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4 Audio files with 1 extra Bonus recording gift.

Includes the Introduction to The Masculine Feminine live recorded meeting with a deeply delicious Meditation journey!
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The True Meeting of Shiva/Shakti ~ Weekend Intensive Audio Recording

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