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"Debunking Spiritual Myths" Full public Meeting Video

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Ananta begins this meeting by taking you on a deep journey into the depth of our True Being, to rest in the undercurrent of all experience which speaks louder than any words.

She then transmits a message that can be heard by silent awareness rather than through the filter of the thinking mind, revealing the ways in which many seekers  often get confused or misinterpret common statements made by great Sages.

Ananta opens up and covers some well known pointers and reveals how we can get tripped up, such as 'I am not the body', 'Integrating personality and trauma',  'alignment' and 'true intimacy' as well as an interaction around personal and collective Karma.

This is a potent and deeply powerful session that can bring about shifts in consciousness.

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"Debunking Spiritual Myths" Full public Meeting Video

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